(Frequently Asked Questions)

Tim Harvey Ticketing

This program was introduced July 1, 1994 and is now upgraded to version 8.5. Reports generated by the program are accepted by all film distributors. The core program was designed by a 25-year veteran of the motion picture industry. User requested modifications are welcomed and are incorporated whenever possible. The program operates under DOS, Windows 3.11, Win 95, Win ME, Win 98, and the preferred Win 98SE operating systems. Any recent PC is a more than adequate hardware platform.

Standard Windows networks allow numerous selling stations. All basic equipment is non-proprietary "off-the-shelf" computer hardware. Customers may use dot matrix, cash receipt roll, thermal roll, or Practical Automation tickets.

The program was named Tim Harvey to honor a deceased childhood friend of the author. Tim Harvey was one of the original "geeks" before being a geek was socially tolerated.

Gimmie Tickets

This program was introduced in June 1997 and is now at Version 2.0 Any PC can sell event tickets with this software. Designed specifically for film festivals, over 200 events can be listed. Seating countdowns, full audit trails and complete reporting functions are standard. Custom tickets are available for any size event.

The name "Gimmie Tickets" jokingly refers to encounters with some less-than-couth customers in the author's past.

Skinny Elephant Tickets

The copyrighted Skinny Elephant Ticket can be used on any dot-matrix printer. Fast printing on standard printers means no dedicated ticket printer costs. Stock tickets are always available for shipment.

Custom tickets can have advertising on front and back for extra income. Support and upgrades for TSS ticketing programs are included with purchase of these tickets. Regular advertisers include McDonald's, Burger King, Fantastic Sam's and other franchises.

Both the ticket concept and the name first appeared in dreams. "Skinny" refers to the thickness of the paper, and "Elephant" refers to the size of the ticket compared to other tickets. The phrase "Big ticket advertising that works for peanuts!" was developed over two years later in a brainstorming session.

Hungry Camel Concessions

The program was introduced in August 1997 and is version 4.0. Any PC can become a point-of-sale terminal with this software. Up to 120 different items can quickly be sold at each terminal. Bar coded items are accepted. Single keystoke entry is standard. Each terminal is independent, yet networkable for reporting. A real-time sales monitor is included. Every keystroke is logged, allowing a complete reconstruction of sales. Terminal ouput is imported into the spreadsheet of your choice for custom reports. Membrane keypads, cash drawers, wedge wands and customer pole displays are supported.

Hungry refers to Hunger Mountain in Vermont. Camel refers to Camel's Hump, another mountain in Vermont. Both mountains housed unique characters that influenced the author's life. The "Hermit of Hunger Mountain" and Bob and Sandra Buckley each have their own stories. "Hungry Camel" is also a double-entendre, referring to the perfect concession customer, able to swill five gallons of soda in one of those famous bladder-buster theatre cups, and eat fifty pounds of corn at a sitting.

Theatre Support Services, Inc. - the company

Incorporated in 1994 in Florida, TSS provides ongoing support to B&B Theatres, Cinema West, Northstar Cinemas, Showplace Cinemas, Jordana Theatres, and many other circuits and independents. TSS provides "software only" ticketing packages or complete systems. Prompt 24-hour support is available for emergency calls. Support and upgrade costs can be included in ticket stock cost or billed separately. Software leasing is available, and hardware can be financed. Installed sites are located throughout the U.S.

The Theatre Support Services, Inc. mission:

  • Develop innovative services and software for the entertainment industry.
  • Write all software completely in-house to insure quality and intimate knowledge for tech support.
  • Design systems so simple to use that no on-site training is required.
  • Conduct one-on-one training sessions for new customers over the phone.
  • Provide on-site installation if required for complex jobs.
  • Reduce product and support cost, yet provide great service.

Theatre Support Services, Inc. is a small diversified company also supplying limited phone support and parts for other ticketing systems, operations consulting and training, and ancillary support services. References are available for review.