This page provides quick tours of three locations with different styles of installations.


Tamarac Cinema 5 tour, a Florida theatre with Tim Harvey Ticketing, Skinny Elephant Tickets &Hungry Camel Concessions.

Tamarac Cinema 5

The box office has two selling stations using Okidata ML-520 printers, standard PC computers, Windows networking, and instant sales monitors both in the box-office and the manager’s office

Monitor and printer

The counter of this box-office was built lower than average as a concession to the handicapped and senior residents of the area. To bring the monitors up to a comfortable viewing height for the cashiers, small boxes were constructed. These serve as a base for the monitors and an inconspicuous storage area. The Okidata printer is directly under the monitor to save space in this box- office.

Cash drawer, printer & keyboard

The cash drawer is under a compact keyboard and is easily accessible. Each printer is on a pull-out shelf, to allow easy loading of the ticket stock. Other locations use an optional bottom feed for the tickets and the rear paper feed for report paper. The width of this full-size selling station is only 37 inches. Even more compact arrangements are possible.

Tamarac concession area

The concession area is horseshoe shaped, with four complete sales stations. Each station consists of a 9 inch svga gray scale monitor, customer pole display, keyboard capable of selling 120 different items, and a networked PC. Each station can continue sales if the network fails.

Tamarac concession sales stations

The manager can cash out a cashier or verify sales during the day. Custom stands hold the monitor at the proper viewing angle, and keypad and pole display are velcroed to the top of the counter to hold them steady, yet allow easy cleanup. Because of the redundancy of the system, computers can be swapped out if one is damaged. Neither concession nor box-office need ever be down. In fact, with a printer attached, a concession terminal can swap between selling concession items and tickets

Tamarac office computer

The manager can monitor sales from both box-office and concession at the office computer. At shift change and the close of business day, reports are printed on the office printer. Because user files are tab delimited text files, they are imported into spreadsheets and accounting programs for further analysis. This theatre is on the edge of the Everglades, and the building, power lines and phone lines are regularly struck by lightning. All equipment is protected by surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies. The projectors may stop, but the system can still sell tickets and concessions.

Northstar Cinemas installation of Tim Harvey Ticketing and Hungry Camel Concession.

Northstar box office

This theatre has a free standing box office using a flat panel screen.


Northstar box office back view

The Practical Automation ticket printer was chosen for a flush countertop.


Northstar concession sales station

The concession area uses flat panel monitors, customer pole displays, meteorologic bar codes readers, compact keyboards, and integrated cash drawers.

B&B Theatres installation

B&B box office rear view

B&B Theatres has had much success with the large advertising tickets. Rather than having a monitor on the countertop, the company prefers to recess the monitor into the counter. Selling stations are designed so that two people can work a single selling station.


B&B box office front view


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