A few features of the program:

Your accountant and tax advisor will appreciate:

Your managers will appreciate:

Your cashiers will appreciate:

Your customers will appreciate:

Your bottom line will appreciate:

New cashiers can simply use the arrow keys and the Enter key to sell tickets.

The contents of the showtime and ticket type columns change depending on the feature.

TSS Programs: Simple, Elegant, Intuitive.


Even though cashiers can be taught to sell tickets in less than five minutes, Tim Harvey Ticketing is a full featured ticketing program, with a manual over 100 pages long.

Learn how to use Windows networking (requires acrobat reader)

Interested in some sample source code? A Theatre Support web page is a top Google hit for programmers looking to understand and use serial date code! Click HERE to see the TSS serial date code web page!

Tim Harvey Downloads

Files listed below are for the use of existing customers of TSS. They are either encrypted, or of no value except to users of Tim Harvey Ticketing.

Theatre Support Services customers that use the "Skinny Elephant" ticket stock get FREE upgrades!

XP compatible self extracting executable

Stay tuned for new patches. To avoid confusion, all old patches have been removed.